Web Site Design

We pride ourselves on providing you with the right information to make an informed decision about the best way to implement your web site, rather than giving you a sales pitch for our organisation. As such, and most importantly, we will identify with you the goals and objectives of your web site. Our process:

Discuss Your Needs

What are your main reasons, issues and needs for introducing the web site? Common website formats are:

Brochure site: the online equivalent of your company’s brochure. Mostly informative with little on-line interaction, customers need to contact the company to conduct transactions.

Commerce site: an online shop: your customers may search for products, compare and purchase online.

Interactive site: on-line transactions with your clients / suppliers (for example: content management, diaries, appointments, bookings, job vacancies, etc.)

Community site: the company provides forums, blogs, customer feedback to share ideas and information while gathering important customer insights.

What are your goals and how will you benefit from these goals? What are your stated headline requirements?

What is included in the development in terms of geography, organisation, processes and systems? What is excluded from the development?

Identify Solution

Workflow: what are your affected business processes? How will the new system change / support these?

Infrastructure: a simple web site will be hosted by us, but if there is a requirement for information feeds from and to external systems, the mechanism for these needs to be identified.

Content Management: how is your web site to be updated? If you are going to perform updates, independent of a developer, there needs to be a system in place to do this.


Once the correct solution is identified, we will address the design of your web site. This typically involves providing you with several different design options followed by a few rounds of revisions so that we can get your web site to meet your visual and content needs.


Using the technologies that best fit your requirements, we will build your web site. Clearly, this requires an agreed design but generally the content may take several iterations as you begin to see the finished product.


We will will close down your existing web site and your new web site will be available for all to see. Any time sensitive information or previous systems data will need to be migrated in a timely manner.